Thursday, March 17, 2005

CA Crimes: one goes down, one goes free

Well we've got good news and bad news in California...

The good news is that Scott Peterson, that narcissistic killer who took out his pregnant wife on Christmas Eve before she could download their child, has a future date with a real DRIP.... an IV drip to be precise. Peterson was sentanced to death yesterday.

And that's good news, because here was a Grade-A loser who had it all and pissed it all away in the WORST way simply because it clashed with his need to be the center of attention.

Unfortunatley, it's going to take some time for the justice system to get around to strapping him in and plugging in the final joy juice. He way of departing this planet will be a million times more humane than the lives he destroyed. And he will still be the center of attention all the way up to and beyond his execution date.

You know, justice would probably be better served if he got the same kind of treatment Jeffrey Dahmer got in prison. You know... shanked by some unknown lifer and left to die. There's going to be plenty of time and plenty of opportunity to make that happen. Anyone know any friends over at San Quin?

Now the BAD news... there's a new member of the OJ Simpson club. Robert Blake was acquitted of all charges involving the murder of his wife. That's right... Blake walks!

This was actually a sleeper case... probably because the media was so obsessed with Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart, and Scott Peterson. Too many celebs on trial? Say it ain't so!

Well I guess Blake can now help OJ find the "real killers" of both of their spouses, huh? Maybe there's this really twisted psycho stalker who kills the spouses of obscure stars and diverts the blame to the stars themselves! Hey, it's Hollywood... anything's possible!

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