Sunday, August 05, 2012

Just a quick thought...

Hey, I haven't done one of these in a long time! Here's a quick thought running through my mind.

You know how Senate Majority Leader and perpetual Surrender Monkey Harry Reid is sticking by his guns on his stance that GOP "golden boy" Mitt Romney paid ZERO taxes?

Anyone see the parallels between this and the perpetual Birther BS with President Obama?

When Obama refused to release the full birth certificate, the Birthers claimed that he wasn't a natural-born citizen. The only way to prove otherwise would be to make the full certificate public. (Of course, even then those flakes REFUSE to accept it!)

So now Reid is using the same logic over Mitt's tax forms. Mitt refuses to release his tax forms, so Reid is claiming that Mitt paid no taxes. The only way to prove Reid wrong, of course, would be for Mitt to release those tax returns.

Does that make Reid a "Taxer"? Wait, that's sort of redundant.

How about a "Former"? Well, his constituents would have to vote the old coot out of office first.

Personally I think we shouldn't waste time trying to invent a term for Reid's pet cause. Let's just stick with "Surrender Monkey", because at some point that is what he will do.

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