Friday, May 25, 2012

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - Memorial Day 2012

For those that missed out on this past Monday's show, you missed out on some really great things, including a new segment called the "Quick Rants", which are really quick ramblings and rants on certain subjects that may or may not be tied into current events. Given the positive feedback I got on the first run, I will probably be doing more of those in future shows.

The other thing you also missed out on if you did not hear my show earlier this week was that there WILL NOT be a show on Memorial Day (05/28). The reason behind that is because we are in the process of changing over the ShockNet Radio production computer, which is where my show gets sent to. SO rather than rush through the process and hope everything works in time for the show, I'm going to just take Memorial Day off, which I'm sure many of you were planning on doing anyway.

But for those who DID miss out on the show, you still suck, but at least I'm giving you an early treat. I'll be uploading the archive later today so you'll be able to catch up, and then that's one less thing I'll have to worry about on Memorial Day. For those who are subscribed to the Brutally Honest Facebook page, you'll see when that update will be online. Or if you're subscribed to the ShockNet Radio page or the Get Brutal Productions page... or if you're subscribed to the archives directly through iTunes, then it'll just download automatically.

Oh, and I should also note that there will still be a weekly column on Monday. That won't change.

So enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and I'll see you guys later on that week on ShockNet Radio!

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