Monday, March 26, 2012

Post-Show Thoughts - 03/26

Think I was kidding about that Etch-A-Sketch bit on my show? Here's mine! And yes, I was holding it my hand as I went over the Article of the Week!

Oh, and GOTTA LOVE the ShockNet computer for picking "New World Man" as the song before my show! That was one of the original lead-in songs back in the original Talk Liberty incarnation! What a pleasant treat!

Special greeting goes out to my fellow City of Comic Creators member TechSpider for joining in tonight's show for the first time. Last week I had Sin Stalker, and this week it's TechSpider. Maybe next week I can have either Night Hornet or maybe Major Dees. Hey pretty soon I can justify talking RJ into doing a Comic-Themed show!!!

Well it was a very good show, even if my voice started to get a little raw at the end. (D@mned pollen!) Still caught myself making a few flubs, but I hope folks won't get PO'd over them.

And for those still waiting for the archive from last week... will try again in a bit to get that uploaded. Ourmedia and Internet Archive are having issues, so hopefully those will be fixed.


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Chuck Doswell said...

Your "flubs" are not a big deal at all, D2. Mistakes are inevitable. I really enjoy your show and am looking forward to a day when you can go live with it!