Friday, December 23, 2011

Special Holiday Rant

Hey guys, haven't had a chance to say too much because of all the work I've been doing with other projects (including this one), but I took some time to reflect on a particular issue that's been bugging me this past month.

Hope you enjoy it and hopefully I'll have at least one more before the new season of "Brutally Honest" debuts on ShockNet Radio in January.

Happy Holidays everyone!


YhuntressE said...

Great rant. I'm sure you've heard of the stink they've had against Obama and how he set up his Christmas card ( This is dumb even by their standards.

Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised to find you had a broadcast downloaded to my i-Tunes. Just made my day and I'm listening to this first thing in the morning. :D Thanks.

This is how pervasive the CHRISTmas nonsense has become. I play the on-line game Wizard 101, rather addictively, for several hours a day AND I participate in the discussions on their FB wall. I made my avatar a FB page (well, one of my avatars, you get six on an account, but the one I started with) and post under that pseudonym because I prefer to keep it separate from the one I do all the political ranting under my real name.

In the game, which is a Wizard school, circa turn of the previous century setting, they called the holiday season Yuletide. I thought that appropriate given the game's atmosphere but, of course, one of the CHRISTmas crowd comes on the FB page whining how dare they call it Yuletide instead of CHRISTmas when it was all about the baby Jesus.

Now I keep it toned down on that FB wall because it's a very family friendly game and they struggle to keep it that way, which I appreciate and cooperate enthusiastically in censoring myself. And they will ban you -- understandably given their business (lot of grandparents playing but most like me were brought there by their grandkids) -- for cussing or inappropriate commenting.

But I did politely disagree along the lines of what you said here correcting them and also stating that I was an Atheist player and I appreciated the neutrality.

Once I commented along that line, others jumped in and seconded my comments and backed up what I said about Xmas being stolen etc. It effectively closed the whine down and no one else posted any it's CHRISTmas not Yuletide nonsense. Though there was also a day later a whine about saying Xmas instead of CHRISTmas which I silenced with one link to a Christian website nonetheless explaining that it was the Church's own abbreviation from back in the day.

And the game's employees who monitor the page wisely abstained from saying anything on either post. Just let us do it for them. :)

I love that game.

Donna aka muggle