Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Break and Archive News

All of the ShockNet Radio shows will be taking a few weeks off, including "Brutally Honest", which was the last one to keep going simply because of the special 9/11 anniversary show. ShockNet Radio will continue to play classic rock music in the meanwhile.

"The Rock and Roll Diner" will be back on the air on September 26th. "High Instability" SHOULD be on the air on the 28th, but please check with their Facebook page to make sure. "Brutally Honest" will be back on October 8th.

OH, and even though the radio show will be taking a few weeks off, the weekly column will still continue, as well as my other comic book projects.

One more thing: for those of you who don't bother tuning in on Saturday nights and instead get your radio fill through the archives, I found out a few days ago that Ourmedia, the website that hosts the archives, has been offline due to some technical problems. The archived shows themselves are still online over at the Internet Archive (click on this link to hear them) but I will not be able to upload the new archives until Ourmedia is back online.

I'll keep you guys updated as to when this has been resolved.

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