Monday, August 08, 2011

Geithner Must Go! RIGHT NOW!

I'm going to make this as short and simple as possible...

Given recent events concerning the debt and concerning the downgrade of our debt credit rating by Standard & Poors, one thing should become crystal clear by now:

Timothy Geithner has failed as Secretary of the Treasury.

The man that helped to write and implement the Wall Street Bailout of 2008 (otherwise known as the "October Surprise of 2008") has shown that he does not have Main Street's interests at heart. His department, through their actions, have been so focused in appeasing "Too Big To Fail" and the Wall Street Masters of the Universe and using THEIR unrealistic success as the measuring stick for the economy that they could not take the scope of our problems into consideration.

Wall Street is NOT the same as Main Street. And as long as we have people in Washington that cannot differentiate between the two, the misery we are going through WILL GET WORSE.

Someone needs to pay the price for our misery. Someone needs to take the fall for this colossal political fail, and it needs to happen right now. We cannot fire the members of Congress quite yet. We cannot fire President Obama quite yet. But as the GOP quite astutely pointed out a few years back, the people who work for the President do so at the President's pleasure.

Political rumor mills have long said that Geithner was planning on leaving soon anyway. Now is the time for him to do so. Let him fall on his rhetorical sword so the White House can demonstrate they are finally serious about dealing with this problem.

Secretary Geithner, for the good of the nation, RESIGN NOW!

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