Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 05/16/09

Tonight's show will be a little special... in addition to discussing an issue that I did NOT want to get involved in, but ended up doing, I will be making a graduation speech that graduates and school officials would NOT want me to give.

Now regular Brutally Honest listeners will remember the speech I gave last year, but even if you heard it before, I think you should pay attention to this one, because I have added a few more goodies to it.

That and the latest news, including my thoughts on the flip-flopping of Inept Pelosi and waterboarding, on NASA's latest rescue mission, and on the FTC FINALLY doing something about those damned telemarketers.

All of that and then some is TONIGHT (05/16) here on ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time (6pm Norman time and 4pm Hefner Time) over at and also at Apple's iTunes Radio Player under either "Classic Rock" or "Talk/Spoken Word" categories.

Brutally Honest: The New Heresy Begins Here!

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Carrie said...

About the 05/09/09 rant, I enjoyed it as always, but I wanted to comment on your statement of the need for a Libertarian in the courts. It think a better term would be a competant\dedicated Libertarian than just a Libertarian alone. Because putting anyone of that affiliation does not gaurentee that they will uphold their ideals in the face of power and temptation or they may be one of the more extreme branches that are just as out of touch as any liberal or conservative. Other than that some variety in the courts wouldn't be a bad idea.

I'll admit that I felt a little depressed while listening to the success one because if luck is such a powerful force, why bother trying to start a business or even aim high in life if something is just going to swat you down no matter how hard you try? That you have to be a trust fund baby, have lots of connections with wealthy\powerful people or such to make it and pay for the crap luck throws at you. (Yes, I know the world isn't a bed of roses.) Then I started listening more and that there was hope that we could at least deal with the corruption aspect of luck and I felt a little better. As for the conservative side, there is the non-biblical aspect that the more money you have, the better and more deserving person you are and thus the poor are inferior and should stay that way. I had a right-wing professor who believed that the rich are automatically better and should get away with more because "they work harder" even if they're an old money family who got their success from the hard work of an ancestor four generations ago.

As I typed this I wondered if we as people are just putting a wrong image of success itself such as that we have either have to be Donald Trump level or we're total failures and that any victories are worthless unless we're at that level? Maybe if we see the good that we are doing (while still making room for improvement), we could be happier and not have to fight so hard and be so vindictive to others? Or maybe I could be wrong.