Saturday, July 02, 2005

Some quick thoughts...

Hey guys... just a few quick words about some of the recent events.

Bush Junior's Speech - Come on folks, did you REALLY think that he would say anything other than to stay the course when it comes to Iraq? And we really don't have too much of a choice right now. I'm sorry, but we cannot back out of this matter as much as we would want to. We can't just "declare victory" and get the hell out of there like Nixon did with Vietnam. We can't just say "we won" like Clinton did with Iraq in 1998. There are places that we bombed the hell out of that we can't fix because the terrorists won't let us fix them! We fix them and the terrorists bomb them again.

It's not a matter of them "wanting" us to be there. We broke it, we bought it, and now we have to fix it. And let me tell you something, if we really did pull out right now and call it a war, those same liberals who screamed and shouted at us to pull our troops out would be saying that we "shouldn't have left the poor Iraqis defenseless!" So there's really no way to satisfy those complainers.

If the Iraqi people want us to leave, then they need to vent their anger and frustration at the TERRORISTS and the people who support them. We can't fix what the terrorists keep on breaking!

Iran's Presidential Quandary - Is the man who just got elected Iran's new president one of the terrorists from the 1979 hostage crisis? The Bush Imperium is saying no, but you have to admit the guy does bear a striking resemblance!

Then again, the Imperium has every reason to deny the claims, because if it IS the guy, then we have an obligation to bring him to justice. That means... yes... firing up the war machine again and taking aim at Iran.

By the way, this also makes for a great barometer to gauge if we go to war against Iran. If the Imperium starts to change its mind and claim that this guy IS one of the '79 terrorists, then you know that the war is pretty much on.

Georgia's Smoking Ban - The State of Georgia now has a smoking ban in effect. Restaurants can either ban smoking or they can ban anyone under 18, because this is all about "THE CHILDREEEEEN".

So now the media is making a lot of fuss because some places are banning the kids and keeping the smokers! Please! The restaurant and bar owners have every right to make that decision.

By the way, we really need to differentiate between a non-smoker and an anti-smoker. A non-smoker is someone who doesn't smoke.

An anti-smoker is a moralist who will not stop until tobacco itself vanishes from the face of the earth. They have come to hate tobacco with a passion, and, by extension, anyone associated with the plant.

It's perfectly okay to be a non-smoker. I'm a non-smoker. Most people who don't smoke are non-smokers.

It's NOT okay to be an anti-smoker. Anti-smokers are as much of a threat to society as anti-abortion or anti-sex moralists. Anti-smokers are extremists. The only reason why they haven't resorted to using guns and bombs is because they've been able to get the government to do their dirty work.

Live 8 SUCKS! - Hey, great concept, but having it hosted on MTV and VH1 is a lesson in frustration, because you have thost damned VeeJays cutting in with their crap and pre-recorded social messages instead of showing the performers! These channels are supposed to be about MUSIC! Here's live music, and the producers are trying to force-feed us GARBAGE! And I don't mean the band led by Courtney Love!

The Live 8 people and Viacom should get on over there and bitch-slap those damned producers! You want a cut-away? Here's a nice cut-away of the producers packing up their boxes and heading on out to the Unemployment Office while the Backstreet Boys sing "Bye-Bye-Bye!"

By the way, good luck trying to get the G8 leaders to think about Africa. It's not going to happen. They're more concerned about their own bottom line.

Speaking of which...

The Price of Oil...: ... is still going up! WTF guys?

Well actually there's a REASON why it's going up. Congress is finally mulling over Bush Junior's energy bill. The Senate passed it, so now it's going to the House. And the longer the House debates it, the higher gas prices will go!

And the Energy Secretary is really softpeddling this matter! He's "worried" that the high price of gas MIGHT have an effect on the economy? MIGHT? MIGHT? There is no "MIGHT" here. Gas prices ARE having an effect on the economy! There is no way around it!

By the way, there is a nice full-page ad from Honda that shows the first-ever commerical hydrocell vehicle outside of a test course. The hydrocell engine is NOT science fiction. It's science FACT, and if we can get this developed the way it needs to be, then we can END gasoline dependancy - and numerous government regulations - in a matter of YEARS. Kudos to Honda for taking things to the next level.

Meanwhile, the American automakers are busy debating over how big of an SUV they can create and whether or not the American people will buy it. What's wrong with this picture?

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